Monday, November 23, 2009

Random thoughts

Well, some exciting things have been happening around here. Well, I guess just one thing. Tyce is walking! Mark is very relieved, he was starting to get anxious that tyce was not walking when madi did. I didn't care, but it is always fun when a new milestone is reached. Madi is saying funny things all the time, I just wish I could remember them for more than 5 minutes.

I have had so many projects the last couple of weeks I am kind of projected out! My house has gone by the way side as I have made over 300 cinnamon rolls in the last couple of weeks for various people/events, made gift baskets for a craft bazaar, made birthday presents, hair bows for a wedding and more hair bows for a friends salon, and then helped my mom with a couple of her projects. I went and helped clean the temple last week and decided that is the way to go as far as cleaning goes. You need to get 12 people and knock out your whole house in an hour. And then of course they have to come back next week and do the same thing! It's good to be's also good just to be home.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Letting Go

If there is one thing I have learned being a mother, it is that you have to let some things go. There comes a point when you have to say, "okay, what is important to me and to the health/development of my children, and what isn't". Things like discipline, politeness, kindness etc. are on my "do not let go under any circumstances", but here are a few of the the things I have let go, and they might suprise you:

1. Clothes. Madi can be seen at any point in the day wearing crazy outfits (see above pictures) , if she is even dressed at all. Tonight, she wore her swim suit to bed.

2. hair. I always thought I would have my kids hair done every day, however, it seems pointless when madi barely has a head of hair, and, because she is changing clothes so frequently, even when I do it, it lasts about an hour. The exception to this is church, at least when I walk in the chapel her hair is done, after that.......who knows.

3. socks. most of the time, my kids do not wear socks with their shoes. I put them on and they are taken off 2 minutes after getting in the car. My mazda is a sock graveyard. I can't really blame them, I don't like socks either It is a rare occasion (usually church) when madisen has matching shoes on. And if they are matching (oh, rare of rare days!) they are on the wrong feet. She likes to do it herself and I have learned not to argue.

5. sleeping. I never thought I would let my kids sleep with me but when they come in in the middle of the night I am too tired to take them back to bed and face a meltdown because there are monkeys in her room. (I wouldn't advise this unless thery are potty trained through the night. Last night madi had an accident in our bed. Don't worry, I was fine, mark was sleeping next to her.....boy was that a rude awakening, for a moment he thought he had done it!!

My life is better and less stressful since I have put into practice the art of "letting go". What do you "let go?"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Fine Day

Woke up today and mark brought tyce in for a good morning kiss. Madi came in shortly with mix matched top and botom because every night she has a wardrobe change around One a.m. I made eggs and toast and then wiped them off and set them down to play. I was able to clean my kitchen, wipe down table, and load the dishwasher. I went into my room where they had headed and heard them laughing together in the bathroom. Bliss. I sat on the bed and just listened for awhile. Got them both in the bath. More laughing and giggling, while I cleaned the bathroom. Put tyce down for a nap and then worked out while madi watched sesame street. Finished workout, swept and moped my kitchen and bathrooms, picked up living room. Tyce woke up happy and smiling. Played in his room for a while. Shampooed madi's bedroom carpet. Bundled up and went outside to rake leaves. Made a huge pile of leaves that the kids jumped and sat in. Thought we lost madi's shoes and gloves in leaves, but they were recovered. Came inside, read books, made hot chocolate. Made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Hoped in the shower. Madi had to get in too...again. Read books to madi, sang songs, held her on my lap, heaven.....put her down for a nap. Put tyce down for a nap. A friend came over to babysit while I ran some errands for both of us. Came home, danced in the kitchen with cinderella and her prince. Made dinner. Folded laundry while madi pushed tyce around in the laundry basket. Rocked and read stories to tyce, put him to bed..felt loved. Mark came home.. best part of my day. Went to practice the song I have to sing next sunday. Stopped at my mom's for an apron pattern. She had the apron mostly done. Hung out for a little with my mom..refreshing. Came home, made hot chocolate, hung out with mark. Remembered how much I like hanging out with him. Read scriptures and went to bed.
Days like this are worth remembering.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Beauties!!

Madisen was cinderella for Halloween this year and she pretty much wore this dress for the whole month of october. She even sleeps in it most nights! But she deffinitely looks like the bell of the Ball! We went to my mom's for a pre-trick or treating dinner of hamburgers and hot dogs and then went to our ward trunk or treat. Trick-or treating out in the country is a little tricky. You end up dricing in the car more than knocking on doors. I think we knocked on one door after the ward trunk or treat (which is the best idea ever, whoever thought of that gem!).
Tyce was a frog, but not just any ordinary frog, he was one kiss away from turning into a handsome prince, it you were wondering what the red marks are al over his face, they were the failed attempts of damsels who weren't truly princesses to turn him into a prince. Cat's out of the bag, I am not a real princess. Not even a pea under my mattress would keep me up at the end of a day with these guys!

Mark dressed up as a tired construction worker, he wears his costume all the time too! I however did not dress up but I think I would make a great witch on most days! On a really good day I would be Glenda, on a bad might think a house fell on my sister that morning.
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Tyce was my little helper in making these caramel apples for family night. Apparently he is a big chocolate fan.
This was our family home evening treat when we were carving pumpkins, they turned out pretty tasty, but really how can you go wrong? My favorite is the one dipped in caramel, then white chocolate and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar, it makes it taste like apple pie! I don't think I can even consider this a fruit anymore.
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Fall Fabulous!

This was taken on our way out the doot to mark's cousin/s wedding reception. Madi's hair has turned pretty curly the last couple of months. Unfortunately, it's alot like mine and isn't a real firm curl, but is makes her look like a little cherub! She also got this new skirt and sweater for her birthday. She is so cute in it and loves to twirl around and hold her skirt like a princess. I wish I had this outfit!!

ON family night we carved pumpkins and i made some caramel apples. I love halloween and fall! I also love this super cheesy picture of Mark, especially since I have a hard time getting him to smile when I have a camera around.
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