Friday, June 18, 2010

Too Funny!

Today the kids and I were out in our backyard playing in the little pool when Madi got out and wrapped up in a towel and said: "Mom, I just want to relax, settle down, and maybe have a relationship."

Later this evening my sister came over from kirkland and was staying with my parents. We went over to roast s'mores with them and my nephew ethan was chasing madi around with a poker and madi yelled out "Ethan, no! I am not a marshmallow!"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Seattle Aquarium!

we have had a very busy, very fun weekend and I am finally posting some pictures!! It started on Friday. It was the father and sons campout for our ward and I convinced mark to take tyce. He was a little skeptical at first but i knew tyce would love it. So they left firday night and madi and I had a girls night together and went out to dinner and watched part of a movie and she got to sleep in my bed with me!She loved it and loves to snuggle in bed with me, in fact, she preactically wants to sleep on top of me and she sprawls out worse than mark. But it was still fun. Saturday morning I got up early and packed up some things we would need for the day and madi and I headed to pick up Mark and Tyce about half way between us and Seattle. When we got to the campsite tyce poked his head out at me and said "Hi MOM!" His face was covered in dirt and smoke and he never looked happier. I wish I had my camera ready to capture it, it was pure camping bliss! Mark said he did great and went right to bed and slept through the night! So mark and tyce showered really quick and then we headed into seattle. Our first stop was IKEA! I love IKEA! But next time I go I want to go with girls and not 2 kids and a less than interested husband. We didn't stay too long, but it was still fun to browse. Then we jumped in the car to fight the seattle traffic on our way to the seattle aquarium.
This is a huge octopus the kids were fascinated by. I will admit it was impressive to see one up close
Fter the aquarium we walked around Pike Place Market and along the water front and had some homemade icecream and Mark got fish. (Also, here I am in all my glory. 32 weeks, but who's counting?)
More of the octopus. I am pretty sure Tyce's fingerprints are on every glass surface the aquarium had. He thoroughly enjoyed himself, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mark chase him all over the facility! After our afternoon in Seattle we headed over to my sisters house in Kirkland for my nephew's first birthday. My dad brought down some of his ducks and a baby cow as sort of a petting zoo for the party. I think the city folk were pretty impressed. Then we changed the kids into their pajamas and headed home. We pulled into our house and it was after 10:30 with some very tired kids and even more tired parents. It was such a fun weekend though to be together as a family and get a little bit of culture outside our daily life.
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