Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quote of the day

Tonight we came home from running some errands and I said: "okay you guys, I am going to make you dinner and then I am going to put Hali down"
Madi : "you are so predictable"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Madi is 4!

So, 2 weeks after tyce's party, we invited the same crew over again to celebrate madi's 4th birthday. She wanted a princess and the frog party so I made her a frog cake. We had some better pictures of it on my mother-in-law's camera but I forgot to get them. Anyway, she loved her cake and of course was wearing her princess dress for the occasion. Madi still loves to dress up and changes clothes a million times a day. She is a great big sister and lets tyce get away with murder! He is so lucky to have her! But they are good buddies. Besides, she always needs a prince in her princess games and tyce is a pretty good prospect. She started pre-school this year and loves it! She loves to practice writing her letters and is especially foscused on being able to write her name and is geting prety close. She is my good little helper with the baby when she is not "too busy coloring" as is her favorite excuse for why she can't rock hali during dinner for me. We love you madi!
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Tyce is 2!!

Tyce had his second birthday a couple of weeks ago and we celebrated with some family sunday evening. His favorite treat is a cookie, so instead of a cake this year I did an ice cream sandwhich bar. I made 3 diferent kinds of cookies and had three diferent kinds of ice creams so you could make your own sandwhich and then I had a few topping to roll the sandwhich in. Tyce was in heaven! I think I made over 8 dozen cookies and I had about 5 left over when the party ended.
He got a toy motor cylce from us that he loves! I can't believe he is already 2! I am loving this age with him as he is talking more and says some pretty funny things. He is quite the character and makes us laugh with his silly gestures and facial expressions. He is still pretty timid around a crowd of people and wants to stay close to me until he feels comfortable. But once he is comfortable he is a crazy man jumping off couches and running around with his football. He loves to go to work with mark. In fact, he considers himself a pretty important employee to crive construction and wants to walk out the door every morning with his tools right behind his dad. When he is not working with his dad he is still busy hammering the walls all over the house (or hammering his sister). WE love you tycer!!
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The magic of childhood

I was taking advantage of a long nap that Hali was taking one day, trying to do some cleaning and organizing (yes, you read that right mom). The kids wanted to go outside so I absent -mindedly sent them out dressed for a cold rainy day, in jackets and pants and shoes (yes, they were fully clothed when I sent them out) I heard madi run in and out of the house a couple of times while I was cleaning but didn't think anything of it. Then I went into one of the back rooms to put clothes away and heard them laughing outside. I pulled up the blinds and found this.... madi in a swimsuit (come on, are you really that shocked? it is madi afterall) and coat and tyce rolling around in a puddle at the side of the house.
They were having so much fun...I stopped cleaning and just sat on the bed and watched the magic of childhood unfold before my eyes. I laughed outloud as I watched them roll and perform tricks for me. And the best part ........ they were making a mess outside and not inside!!
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Random Pictures

One sunday afternoon I was in the kitchen making dinner while the rest of the family took a little nap. I went into my bedroom where mark was supposed to be putting hali to sleep and found this scene. Apparently he did such a good job he put himself to sleep to!
This is kind of a funny angle of Hali but since I have been horrible about taking pictures this time around it will have to do. She is even cuter in person but unfotunately her mom is a dunce when it comes to photography! Oh well!
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