Thursday, February 10, 2011

Being Still

I am still here...I really am. Still alive, still moving, still chasing madi and tyce all over the house (except now tyce is usually naked since we are potty training. Pray for me and my last shred of sanity!). Still taking on more projects than I should even though my new years resolution was to let some things go, which I did, I just happened to pick other things up in their place! Still calling Mark every 5 minutes to see if he is on his way home (he never is, but I love that I am optimistic that today may be the day I have help in the evening), still cuddling little Hali (she makes my hard days happier), still picking up 20 outfits off the floor as madi has a wardrobe change every half hour, still waking up at 6 in the morning and committing to get up and exercise....and then rolling over, still folding laundry, doing dishes, still growing out my hair, still trying to remember to buy batteries for my camera, still appreciating the fact that I get to be home with the kids, still adding to the mounting pile of projects that need to be finished, still driving to my mom's or my mother-in law's when I need a place to go fro 3-5 in the afternoon (why is that time so hard?), still hoping for winter to end, still running a humidifier in both the kid rooms, still calling at least one of my sister every day ( sometimes I call them all in one day!!), still missing having neighbors and a sidewalk to walk on (I took those things for granted before) , still wondering how you get to 9 am church on time, or how to keep my house as organized and clean as my mom did with 7 kids, still eying my pre-pregnancy jeans with envy and hope.....maybe one day...., one thing I am not STILL doing is looking at my blog and telling myself to post something, and then switching over to a craft blog instead, I guess I still surprise myself sometimes.