Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Mark has a couple of guys that work for him and they only speak spanish and they live in pasco which is about an hour and a half from us. Anyway, one of them came down to work for mark on a house he just started and ended up spending the night to save driving time. Madi becaue good buddies with Jose that night and they watched snow white together! Then a couple days later I was driving home from the store and mark called to say that the "amigos" (his workers) would be spending the night again.
me to madi : guess what madi? Daddy is bringing some friends over to spend the night tonight"
madi: who is coming "como estas?, or Cj (marks brother)?

A conversation we had earlier today:
me: madi, you can't wear a swimsuit out in the snow!
Madi: I don't want to wear a coat, it is too cold!

Her prayer tonight after we threatened her that santa would only bring her toys if she was a good girl:

madi: dear heavenly father, please bless santa to bring me toys, and help mom and dad to sleep good!