Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top 10

Top ten reasons why I love this picture:
1. Notice madi's outfit, green sweater in the middle of july! I have yet to win a wardrobe battle when she puts her mind to something
2. Everytime she wears these blue pajama shorts she reminds me that they were her cousin carson's and he gave them to her, which is not the case, so tiff, if you are missing the set to some blue pajama bottoms, well, here they are
3. We have to sing "row, row, row, your boat everytime either of the kids get in this laundry basket
4. Tyce looks like he is holding on for dear life
5.They played with this basket happily for about 10 minutes
6. Tyce laughed as madi pulled him all over our house, road bumps and everything
7. It looks like that doll in the back ground was a casualty of the "boat" escapade
8. They are both looking at the rare is that?
9. I am not in it
10. There are no clothes in the basket which means I actually got them all folded! I am gloating even now as I write this!!

You know you can almost feel a catastrophic day coming on when you hear these words from your husband "I have been asked to speak with a high council member on sunday in another city" For those of you who don't know, this simple phrase implies so much.
1. I will battle my children alone on sunday, i will be switching from one- on- one, to zone defense (those of you who don't know me well might actually be fooled into thinking i know basketball.....)
2. mark probably will forget to ask someone to teach his sunday school class so I will have to do it.
3. There will undoubtedly be at least one melt down in which new sunday clothes or shoes will have to be found. (it was the shoes, she lost the matching pair and it was all I could do to find a matching pair that of coure she didn't wear at all during church.

So I knew there would be some challenges today but what I didn't know was that I would jump in my car ( with enough time to get to church on time thank you very much) To find that I couldn't get my car to run. I thought I had a flat tire and pulled off the road onto the bank by our house and then proceeded to get the car stuck in sinking dirt. I was able to get a hold of my mom in the nick of time to come pick us up and change the carseats over to get to church a half hour late. I did end up teaching mark's sunday school class with tyce in tow for half the lesson, and then I had to drag the whole class in to the nursery with me to do singing time ( I am the primary chorister). To top it all off I was teaching our primary kids a new spanish. I speak more romanian than I do spanish and the two languages have somehow converged in my head so really I don't know which is which. "whats that thing called when everything intersects? the bermuda triangle!" ( if you can tell me what movie that is from you are my hero). Anyway, mark met us at the end of church and drove us home and then went out to see what tire was flat and he discovered that all my tires were fine.........I had my emergency break on. So now it is officially time to end my special day......until next time.
seriously though, who know what movie that is from.......keep in mind it is me quoting it, that should narrow things down a bit.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


This is one of my bow holders and one of my favorite bows I made for summerfest. I have about 6 more that I am trying to sale. We'll see how it goes.

We had a couple of firsts this week that I thought I would celebrate.

1.Tyce started scooting across the floor!! I am so excited for him and sad for myself because he is growing so fast.

2. had my first "summer fest "booth at our community days event. I sold bows and bow holders just for fun. I didn't make a ton of money by any means, but at least I made something and didn't go in the hole for this little event. Although when I add it up I think I averaged about a quarter an hour.

3. I cleaned my room for the first time in about 3 weeks because that's where I was making all of my bows. It looks so much bigger than I remember

4. The first time I have made a cheesecake and it actually turned out!!

5. Madi's first swim lessons! She is such a little fireball. The girl who teaches her has her jump into the water from the side into her arms and madi is like a little missile and runs as fast as she can and then jumps spread eagle into the girls arms. She has taken her teacher under a couple of times!

6. I think I can officially say that madi is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has only taken us about 9 months off and on, but is finished. Now I need to hire someone to clean my carpets! They were sacrificed in this process, but it was a worthy cause.

after the summerfest we went with family to a pond with a huge water slide. It was so much fun and so refreshing after being outside in the heat all day. My brother in law took a picture of madi and mark going down the slide together so I hope to post that one soon. Also, have I ever mentioned how much tyce eats? This kid eats me out of house and home, he wants to be eating all day long!! It's crazy! Tyce also went down the slide with mark(despite my objections) and the first two times it was fine, but then the third time mark lost his grip on him and mark had to pull him out of the water. why doesn't anyone listen to me? Of course the whole time I am hearing the voice from that guy who does the rescue 911 call on tv in my head narrating the play by play of the waterslide catastrophe. Luckily tyce was fine and it wasn't a big deal but still, it goes to show that my maternal instincts to protect my children and avoid dangerous situations is in fact right, almost all situations. Mark just simply cannot be trusted. I will use my veto power next time for sure.