Thursday, November 10, 2011

A few to remember

I just wanted to post a few pictures of us lately, or at least of the kids. Tyce has become quite the little talker these days and he has learned a few good one-liners from madi that are pretty funny. For instance, the other day I was getting on him about picking up his toys in his room
Me: Tyce, you need to put all your clothes back in your drawers if they are clean, and in the dirty clothes hamper if they are not
Tyce: That doesn't make any sense!

Funny, I thought I was being pretty clear.

Hali and madi are BFF"s. I am so glad they have each other's back since tyce gor 2 swords and a bow and arrow for his birthday. Hali got a shield. I had to give her a little protection at least.
I overheard this conversation between Mark and Madi when we were over at my mom's house
Madi: wow grandma, who painted this chair of yours
Mark: it's not painted madi, not everyone paints every piece of furniture in their house, just your mom

I would like to think he was paying me a compliment, but I am not entirely sure.

I just did this wedding cake for my brother-in-law's wedding last weekend. When I got to the reception I put flowers on top and around it as well but I don't have a picture of that yet. I am just relieved the darn thing turned out and stayed in one piece!!! I think I am retiring my wedding cake skills after this

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Hallowen snuck up on me this year. Infact, everything is sneaking up on me this year it feels like. It was a fun year for dressing up though. A few weeks ago I was at the mall and saw this adorable little cupcake costume for Hali and it was on sale......the stars aligned!! And right next to it was a little hamburger costume that I thought tyce would get a kick out of (which he did). So I brought them home and the kids were so excited! Except for madi, I wasn't sure what she wanted to be so I didn't pick up anything for her and she was very disapointed. She decided to be a hot dog to go along with our entre and dessert ( she wanted me to be a milk shake and mark to be french fries). I gave it a few weeks and, wait for it...wait for it.....she changed her mind and decided she wanted to be rapunzel. Fine. On her birthday, grandma and grandpa christensen got her a rapunzel wigg, without knowing that was her current halloween obsession, which only spurred the fire. So, rapunzel and her "meal" were all happy with their costumes and mom was happy she hadn't bought the hot dog costume!
What a cute little cupcake!

I know, I know, the worst camera know to mankind is in my possesion, but, come black friday you will all be amazed at my photography!
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This is madi on her first day of preschool! She looks so old to me I can't believe she will be in kinder next year, and frankly I am terrified! I feel like I am flying below the radar right now. The only commitment I have is a few hours a week of preschool. We can go when we want to go, we can stay out late, we can go on a trip anytime. Next year will be a rude awakening. The bus comes to our house and 7 AM!!!! Yikes! I am not ready for all of that! I love having madi here with me all day (except during naptimes when she doesn't take a nap, my free time is gone!).

Here we are at Miss Angies taking a litle tour of the preschool.

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