Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can you guess?

Madisen has an infatuation with disney movies. In fact, she has her favorite ones memorized and can quote certain lines that apply to everyday situations. Here are some of her lines, can you guess what movies they are from?

Movie #1
Me: madisen, you need to go and get your jacket on.
Madi: no, that is not the path my heart chooses

Movie #2
Me: Okay madi, you need to pick up your books and then you need to put all your dress-ups in the dress-up chest
madi: and then what step mother?

madisen in the bathtub with a wash rag: Sing sweet nightengale, siiiiiiiing sweet nightengale sing!

Movie #3 (this is a hard one)
me: madisen, you need to share your toys with tyce
madisen: Oh, for goodness sakes!

Madi: mom, hand me that dinglehopper!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Things to remember

A the beginning of this year I wanted to write down the things about my kids I want to remember at this age, so at the end of the year I could see the changes. I'ts not exactly the beginning of the year but close enough.
Madi: started sunbeams this year, is mostly potty-trained, loves to change clothes all day long and wears her swimsuit to bed, loves to wear her dress ups, loves dancing to music and still walks mostly on her tippy-toes, she still has a hard time staying in bed at night, still drags her ratty blanket all over with her, thinks her blanket is an actual person and calls it "she", is super active and busy, I have a hard time getting her to sit through primary, her favorite movie changes every week, most recently it has been pocahontas or the backyardigans, her favorite books are The Princess and the pea, Where the Wild things Are and If you give Pig a Pancake, her favorite food is a pancake, her favorite color is purple, she still throws a fit when we have to leave any grandma's house, she can buckle herself in her booster seat, has curly hair that just won't grow, she loves to help me in the kitchen, she is stubborn and sweet and brave all at the same time, she will only let me put her down at night and cries for her dad every morning when he leaves for work, still takes a nap almost everyday. She is a fireball and I love her so much!

Tyce: Goes to nursery (he is a little young but grandma and grandpa are the nursery leaders, lucky us!), Loves to eat, thinks madi is a great playmate, hates to get his diaper changed, loves his orange and white polka-dotted blanket almost as much as madi loves her blanket, is trying to wink with both eyes, makes me laugh everyday, like to pretend he is shooting a gun with anything he can get his hands on, makes car noises with his little cars, loves being outside and throws a fit when we bring him in, likes to dance with madi, is actually letting us read him a book without throwing a fit, can say quite a few words like: ball, more, mom, dad, blankie, I want that, thank you, papa, guys, bye, and a handful of other phrases, loves spaghetti and pancakes, has to do everything himself, must have his own fork at dinner, wants to drink from a regular cup and spills every time, loves the bath and practices swimming, loves his dad and checks out the window all day for him, loves cell phones and pretends to talk to his dad all day, is such a little entertainer and has started rolling in a circle around the living room. I just love him and can't get enough!

mark: is general contractor to his first house, a house he also drew the plans for so that is exciting to be apart of a house from the beginning, says he is going to do a triathalon this fall, hasn't started training yet, plays church basketball, is the blazer leader, dreams of owning a boat this summer, keep dreaming mark!! we love you and appreciate all your hard work!

For myself: I want to remember what it feels like to fit into my favorite jeans and how great it is to sleep through the night and be able to have a day to myself every now and then because come august, all those things will be a distant memory. You guessed it, I' pregnant! About 14 weeks and looking forward to feeling better!