Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Metaphorically speaking

I am right in the middle of re-upholstering a couch and I have learned a few lessons I would like to share. I have decided that re-upholstery is like motherhood, it sounds like a great idea, you know you will be so glad you did it in the end...but the first fifteen minutes you realize just how much work you have created for yourself. I should have known this when Mark was hauling said couch into our bedroom and turned and looked me straight in the eye and said "I want no part of this". (what? the couch or the kids?) I shrugged it off and decided he was wouldn't be that bad! Well, he was right, it is that bad. But, ever the supportive husband, when I told him I wanted to throw in the towel and take my $10 couch to the dump he said "oh no you don't, you are going to learn a lesson here, you are finishing that couch!" Apparently, he is getting a little tired of running to goodwill for me to pick up a desk, a chair, a couch, a...... you get the idea. So I am going to get through this the way I get through everything.....with a bag of liccorice!