Sunday, June 3, 2012


There are moments or milestones in life that take me by surprise and  leave me a  little breathless at how quickly life moves.  This is one of those.  Madi was old enough to play on a soccer team and as I watched her play with the other two kids in tow, I thought how this was the very first game that I sat and watched one of my children play, and how many more games were yet to come.  It made me excited and also  little sad as my little family enters the world of school and sports and other commitments.  I have been flying below the radar, and now will be in full view.  It was so fun for Mark and I to watch her play!  we weren't really sure if she would really interact, or be aggressive at all and were really surprised at how well she did!  She did great!  We have had our suspicions that she might be an athlete with how tall she is, and strong.  In any case, she really enjoyed it, and we enjoyed watching her.

 The very best part about soccer were the treats at the end of the game, that is as predictable and unchanging as the as the rising and setting of the sun,  it's why you play in Madi's opinion.

Easter pictures

Because Easter was so cold and windy, I had to take our easter pictures a few weeks later.  On the way to church we passed a blossoming orchard and stopped to take a few pictures in their easter clothes.  This was the best one which isn't saying much, I know, but I am slowly learning how to take better pictures.  The trick for me is to just keep taking them even if they don't turn our so hot.  I am horrible at this and am determined to improve!!


 We went to an easter egg hunt this year that the kids loved.  They hunted for eggs,
 dyed a few

 took a picture with the easter bunny ( this is as close as Tyce would get, I don't really blame him.)

 Easter morning was cold and windy, but we manages a little easter egg hunt of our own.

 A picture with the cousins and my parents at the easter egg hunt the day before easter.


 There is a song the kids sing in primary about summertime and goes something like "Oh what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green?"  In the summer, you really don'e have to think about what to do, there are so many things to do outside that it's easy to stay busy and entertained.  The real question, or song should go something like, " Oh what do you do in the winter time, when all the world is, gray, and windy, and cold, and rainy and dead?"  Well, this is what we did, over and over and over again until is was at least mildly acceptable to play outside.  
 Guns, or cowboys.
 Dress up!
 Read books.  At this point I was in the midst my first trimester in this pregnancy and had somewhat lost the desire to live.  I was so sick.
 But somehow we made it through alive.  Madi was a big help with Hali, and a lot of other things I had her doing to help me while I lay in the fetal position on the couch.  In fact, I may have asked too much of her because one day she told me " I am tired of being a mom, I want a break!"

Light Reading

 We are not really potty training Hali yet, but she loves to sit on the potty.  She has obviously been taking notes because she wants a magazine while she does her business.  This picture is for my brother Jeff, who studies business at Wharton.  She obviously shares your love of finance and will be glad to advice you in any investing you care to do in the future!  I also love how her belly hangs over the magazine!!

The Zoo

 My sister and brother in law were doing some work to their house and needed Mark's help with a few projects.  They live near Seattle, so we decided to make a trip out of it (if you want Mark, you have to put up with all of us!).  While the boys were working, my sister and I took the kids to the zoo.
 They loved it and since we don't have anything like it near us, it was a real treat for us.

 They also had a carousel the kids rode.  My country raised kids were in heaven!

I love this picture, but that horse kind of scares me.


 We had an interesting winter, the weather just couldn't make up it's mind.  When we finally did get snow we took advantage and went to a little hill nearby to do some sledding.  Tyce is my cautious child, he took a while to warm up to the idea, and would only go down the hill with mark or I.
 Me, Madi and Hali all squeezed onto one sled and went down together a couple of times.  ON preparing everyone to go out in the snow, I realized I really didn't have any snow gear.  So, I pulled out the jacket I bought in Romania years ago when I was there for a fall semester.  Very, puffy, very interesting fabric, but made to endure a winter in eastern Europe and has held up great all these years!
 Hali had a great time in the snow, and enjoyed it even more once she realized it was edible!
Tyce, after he warmed up to the sledding adventure.  Madi, our daredevil was in heaven flying down the hill again and again and even willing to go off jumps Mark built!  It was a great day!

Christmas 2011

On Christmas eve we have a tradition of giving the kids new pajamas.  There is something I love about kids in pajamas, I don't know exactly what it is, but I am a sucker for pajamas.  Here they are after opening their new pajamas at my mom's house and right before going home and going to bed so mom could finish wrapping presents!  I love the red punch mustaches, it is the sign of a merry evening.
 Christmas morning just before we let them open their presents, they are a little excited, can you tell?
I loved that Christmas was on a Sunday this year, it really puts perspective on things and helps to remember the true meaning of Christmas.  * On a side note:  Madi had a white cardigan that went with this dress but man alive, every time I turned around she had misplaced it or had taken it off.  I can't find a single picture with her wearing it, including our family picture I mentioned above that I didn't send as a Christmas card.
It was a great Christmas, we are so blessed to share it with family and friends.