Sunday, June 28, 2009

Small moments

I think it was last october conference, elder ballard gave a talk about motherhood and he said to enjoy the small moments. This week I recognized a few small moments where I took a mental picture of the moment and put it under my " I love to be a mother file".

1. I was making huge bubbles with the kids outside and madi dumped the whole bucket of sudsy water all over herself, and I , like the good mother I am, kept refilling it for her so she could "slip and slide" in the soap on our trampoline.
2. Madi fell asleep on my lap while I read her a story before naptime
3. Mark and I were pulling weeds and working in the yard and madi and tyce were outside with us on a blanket and madi was making tyce laugh so hard! He has the funniest low belly laugh I have ever heard on a baby! I love when they laugh together.
4. Madi came up to me and said out of the blue " I love you mom"
5. tyce played happily on the floor while I made dinner one evening
6. Madi didn't have and accident today

I know these don't seem like a big deal, but they meant alot to me at the time. I think elder ballard was right to encourage us to appreciate and enjoy the small moments, it made my week that much sweeter. And no, I didn't take any pictures of these small moments, I just sat and enjoyed them!

Funny madi quotes:

We were driving home from somwhere and had just reached the house when madi said: Let me out, so I can see the world!"

My sister audrey was speaking in church today and madi pints to someone in the bishopric and says, "he looks funny.." and then pointing to audrey "but she looks beautiful!"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Latest and greatest

our first watermelon of the summer! I love watermelon and look forward to this time of year !

I am so proud of myslef, I kind of made this one up as I went, I had and idea from something I had seen and this is my finished product!

Sorry this picture is sideways, I love this little butterfly bow, too bad it wasn't my idea!

Since this blog is really more of a family journal, I have to post some of the latest and greatest madi quotes.

We have been potty training for months now and she gets it, but is too stuborn to go and sit on the potty, here is her latest excuse

grandma jack to madi: okay madi lets go potty
madi: I can't, my pee-pee doesn't work!
apparently there is a leak because she has had about 3 accidents everyday for the last week or so!

Madi has this thing about leaving. She tells everyone, "I gonna leave (pronounced yeave) you! The other day we were over at grandma and grandpa christensen's and when it was time to go she had a melt down and said through her tears "I want to be yeaved!"

I had to write these down before I forgot, they were too cute!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

weekly Re-cap

Lets see, how do I sum up this week. There is an older couple in our ward that has these kiddie pools in their back yard. They have a filter system and cement and everything like a real pool except they aren't as deep. One of the pools is about a foot deep and the other one is maybe 2 or 2 1/2 feet and they are a mother's best friend. This older couple opens up their pools and anyone can come and use them anytime, you don't have to call or anything. I have nick named it the "water hole" because it's where all the mom's go during the summer and their kids play and we get to visit and not worry too much about anyone drowning because the pools are so shallow. I went twice this week and internally committed to working out more and buying a new swimsuit! I keep saying, "I just had a baby", but I think I officially have no more rights to that phrase since Tyce is 8 1/2 months old. Now what? Anyway, the kids love it. Especially Madi. She has aquired the nick-name "kamakazee madi" because she is fearless when it comes to anything that should be feared, like a pool when you don't know how to swim. Tyce really likes the water too so it is an all around good time, even though their rolls look so much cuter than mine!

Here is a quote madi said recently that kills me

me: doing situps after a run with the kids

madi: what are you doing mom?

me: I am doing situps

madi: oh, ............they're not working!

Don't worry, I didn't cry, I laughed, it's better for your abs.

Also, since I am on the subject, it probably didn't help my cause that this week I made cinnamon rolls and brownies. I heard once that girls who were anorexic liked to cook because it fulfilled their need for food, I am just pretty sure they didn't eat most of what they cooked!
The picture is of madi last summer. I love swimsuits on little girls!!! I will be sure to post some recent ones of tyce and madi at the pools.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Moment

Well, here we are and better late than never right? I know I know , I really have no good reason for not starting a blog earlier, but frankly for a while it was nice to simply be a spectator to other blogs ( and thank you by the way, you filled many nap time hours with laughs and interestsing events as I read the blogs of family and friends). But really, what kicked me in gear to start this blog was a newly discovered fact that you can print your blog pages off into a book as a sort of journal/scrapbook of your family. And since i am not even finished with madi's 1st year baby book, this seemed a much more sensible way to (and less expensicve) journal, with the hope that my mother will then feel satisfied with my efforts! Yes mom, I will still do a baby book for my kids! That being said, I can't promise any profound or intelligent posts, just real life chaos that has become my constant companion. Lucky for me, I like the chaos, and the ones who cause it! So here goes at my attempt to document this adventure called motherhood! And also, wifehood, sisterhood, friendhood and any other "hood" you can think of. Above are some pictures of madisen and tyce as most of my posts will be about them so you now have a mental picture, then there is the picture of mark and I and they are not recent but it is the way I want you to picture me, and maybe if we all think positive thoughts it will end up becoming a reality. The picture of the guy getting on the motorcycle is mark's grandpa and I don't know how it ended up on this post but here it is and I don't know how to get it off, so there you go.