Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Nice Will"

A few weeks ago I made a quick decision to run into Goodwill on my way to the grocery store and I hit the jackpot! I found the above deskwith hutch for $15!! Of course when I bought it was a light oak color, but not for long! I painted it white to match my bedroom because as you know my bedroom/office/workout room/craft room was getting a little cluttered and needed a makeover! I also got two uphostered chairs, a few vases that I also painted (you cannot bring furniture or accesories into my home without it being attacked by a can or two of primer and spray paint. It is a fact of life my husband has come to deal with and that order!). Anyway, I was so excited! I had been looking for a desk with a hutch and 2 chairs I could reupholster for months and the price tage made it "the One" for me! You can't beat $6 a chair! So the next day madi asked: Mom, will we be going to "Nicewill" again today?
I chuckeled and said, yes...."will" has been very nice to us lately hasn't he?

Here is a before of the chair

And the after. Not quite done in this picture but you get the idea. I had to paint the legs (I had to paint someting on this chair!!) but the whole thing came together easier than I had expected.

Found this old fram for $1 and used some scrap fabric I had to make a bow holder. This picture was taken before I glazed it to make some of the details stand out.

This is a rocking chair I inherited from Mark's aunt and uncle. It was a light oak. I got a new rocker/recliner when hali was born and wanted to play around with this chair so I painted it green, glazed it to make the details stand out and then recovered the cushions with black and white tualle (sp?). I donated it to our church's mother's lounge becasue we have way more mother's than chairs in their!

Like I said before, I gave my room a little makeover and painted these black sidetables and dresser white to match my bedding. I love how it turned out, it looks so clean and fresh! Note* this picture was not staged, excuse the clutter!

So...if you were wondering what I have been doing at naptimes and in the evening......there you go. And thanks again "Will" we think you are super nice!!
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I have a guilty confession to make .........I am a total fair junkie!! I love the fair! Luckily Mark likes it as much as I do so we go every year. It has been fun to take the kids as they get older and can more fully appreciate the wonders that exist in this magical place. The rides, the food, the animals. every time I think of the fair I mentally sing Templeton's S'morgasbored song from Charlottes Web. you know the one. Anyway, here is a picture of the kids in Carnie Heaven!

They were smiling here but they hadn't even had an elephant ear yet!

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Hali's Birthday Bash!

It is so funny when you get a one year old in a front facing carseat..they look so little!! Hali loves to face forward now!

Some of theses pictures are so blury I don't know what happened! This was hali's party. We had a "MILK and COOKIES" theme to celebrate the introduction of the previously prohibited milk category in her limited diet. That was a mouthful! I had different kinds of milk and cookies and then I made a big cookie cake. She loved it!

I made these for each of the kids, they were little chocolate milk's with tags that said "I heart Milk"

It was a fun party. First birthdays are my favorite! I will say I was cookied out afterwards. I think we all were!
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