Friday, September 24, 2010


This is madi on her first day of preschool! She was so excited! She loves it at miss debbie's and even loves her homework. I can't believe she is old enough to go to preschool! I know that it's not that old but somehow it seems to be a milestone in our lives. We have never had anything scheduled before and also it's the first step before starting kinder. I will be honest and say I got a little emotional when I drove away from preschool on that first day. Life seems to be picking up in speed with our growing family and getting faster and faster. Part of me wants to slow it down and the other part is excited to see the milestones my kids reach.
She cannot take a picture without posing for it! At preschool they took a class picture and madi thought it was her own personal photo shoot. I had to tell her to stand still and get her hand off her hip!!
If I was sad to leave madi at preschool I was even more sad that they wouldn't take tyce for 2 hours twice a week! Sure....take my 4 year old and leave me the 2 year terror!
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blessing Day!

This picture is classic to me. Madi is in her favorite princess dress and despite threatenings/bribery would not change, and tyce and mark are less than thrilled that I made them take pictures ! At least this photo is an honest depiction of us!
This is the blessing dress that I wore as a baby and that madi wore. I am so glad madi has a little sister to share things with. My sisters are my best friends, I look to them for advice and help all the time. I am glad my girls have each other and I hope they are just as close as I am with my sisters.
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We have been blessed!

Today we blessed Hali at church. It was a special day for us and we were lucky to share it with family and friends.
Thanks to aunt jami for taking these cute pictures because we all know I am horrible at it. And of course I was up until after 10 making this headband. I had big plans to get it done on thursday, but nope, saturday night there I was. Maybe with my next one I will be more on the ball.

This was a really hectic week for us. O thursday morning at the last minute we decided to go to tri-cities where mark was working to run some errands and do some shopping. Since mark would be working there friday too, we decided to rent a hotel and come home the next day. Needless to say it was a fun but busy week. So this morning when we were driving to church I looked back at Hali dressed in white and suddenly it all became clear what life is really about. It's not about the stress or distractions that come so easily, it's about family and those little moments that become the big moments. I feel so blessed for my family and for the gospel in my life.
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