Monday, April 19, 2010

Loving IT!!

I have loved being outside the last couple of days with the kids. The weather is finally warming up and we have had cabin fever for way too long. I think my "nesting" phase has started early and has expanded to the yard, much to mark's dismay. I have big plans for taming the wild that grows all around my little world. For now, we planted a garden and picked all the weeds around the house. It felt good to be outside and working, and the best part is how fun it is to be outside with my kids. We discovered worms, jumped in mud puddles, chased butterflies, had a picnic and are wearing out our little buckets and plastic shovels. There is something so satisfying about spending a down and dirty day outside and then coming in and getting in the bath and smelling their sweet clean hair and cuddling in a chair with a book before bed. Summer is magical and I am so glad it is finally here! I can't wait to get out the little pool and smell sunscreen on their bathing suits. And hopefully, we can pick tomatoes, squash and a few other things from our garden. If Tyce hasn't dug them all up by then!! I will take pictures of our outdoor adventures...i just need to get new camera batteries!