Sunday, August 26, 2012

She's Here!!

Kylie Camille Christensen
Born 8-14-12
weight 8lbs
height 19 inches
 We are so excited she is here!

Madi loves having another sister and is becoming the "little mother" asking to change her, feed her, whatever she needs madi wants to do it.  So far, we let her hold her and she feles pretty satisfied with that...for now!

Hali is SUPER helpful as you can see.  She wonders how we ever had any children without her help and constant attention!!  I need to get a picture with tyce and kylie but he is surprisingly infatuated with her!  He thinks she is so cute and wants to hole her as much as the girls do, though not for as long!  We are doing well, and loving the new member to our family!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A new Ending

It is so interesting to be pregnant.  This is my 4th well, actually 5th if you count a miscarriage, time being pregnant and although most of the beginning and middle parts of this pregnancy have been predictable according to my previous ones, this last little while has been foreign to me.  I am in uncharted territory.  I am about 38.5 weeks pregnant and find myself unsure of how my body will react to impending labor.  First off, I have never made it this far before (not that I am complaining..since when do pregnant, exhausted, hot, huge swollen women complain??), I have delivered at 38 weeks, 36 weeks, and 37.5 weeks.  So this is what it's like to wait for a baby come, fun.  I am usually surprised and caught unprepared.  Secondly, I am nauseous all over again,  I am a little bitter about the last one, i feel I paid my dues the first 5 months of this pregnancy.  Third, I am actually prepared.  I have all the projects done I was hoping to finish, burp rags, blankets, baby clothes washed and put away.  I have also been nesting something awful and would like to brag publicly if you don't mind!
Went through ALL of the kids clothes bins and sorted, reorganized, threw out.
went through all the kids toys and "                                                                  "
Picked up a few new baby projects like a nursing cover I am halfway finished
Reorganized my closet
Reorganized hali's closet
Reorganized madi and tyce's closet
Reorganized craft space
Reorganized laundry room
made freezer meals (which I am slowly been using because I feel no desire to cook in the heat)
Finished getting Madi ready for kindergarten (clothes, shoes, backpack)
Made some hair bows
 Yeah, I have been nesting a little.  So here I wait, while contractions have been my friend every evening for 2 1/2 weeks now ( tricky little suckers), and nausea and all around crummy feelings.  I really don't mind going to my due date or past, I just wish my body would stop practicing labor and just wait for it you know?  Did all your pregnancies go the same?  Has anyone experienced a varying off the straight and narrow???