Thursday, January 3, 2013

Madi is 6!! No Kidding!!

October is the month of birthdays for us.  Exactly two weeks after we celebrated Tyce's birthday, we had the same crew over to our house to celebrate madi turning 6.

 Here she is on her birthday heading off to school.  I wish time would slow down so i could take in these years more completely, but man, ever since Madi started school it has been a whirlwind of busyness that is making my clock run on super speed!
 Madi asked for this 3 layer pudding cake for her birthday, well that's not totally true, she wanted some whiz-bang princess cake like I have made for her before, but with a newborn and mark working like crazy, I pleaded for an alternative.  Thank goodness she loves this too!  I should have taken a picture of ME smiling by it, knowing the mess and stress I avoided by doing this instead!
Oh Madi.  Did you know, that I sometimes come into your bedroom at night and kiss your cheek?  Well I do.  I have missed you while you are at school, but am so proud of the things you are learning and how well you are doing.  I new you were ready, even if I wasn't.  You are such a big helper for me especially with hali and Kylie.  You love school and any kind of art, coloring, painting, drawing.  You also like to do craft projects and read.  You are writing all sorts of words and even making up some on you own!  You really are growing up and the only downfall is that you understand the world better and don't say as many funny quotes, but you love to laugh and have started telling knock-knock jokes at the dinner table.  We love you Madi!!!


  1. Such sweet pictures!! How fun to celebrate birthdays...six is big, to me. Like the end of the baby-years, officially. Six is a kid, not a little kid, you know? She's so beautiful. Congrats on such a great brood, Marci!