Thursday, January 3, 2013


 This year for halloween we had quite challenge deciding on costumes.  In fact, Tyce decided to change his at the last minute ( amid a major meltdown) from a cowboy to a hamburger.  (why can't I get a decent picture with everyone all looking in one direction??)
 Madi was a beautiful snow white who stayed away from ALL apples that night.   kylie was a BYU cheerleader ( no indoctrination going on here whatsoever!)
 This is a random picture I took of Kylie after a nap.  I want no more criticism that I am not posting enough pictures of her!
My parents had a little halloween dinner before some serious trunk or treating at the church with my sister and her family.  Hali was tinkerbell, if she had had a wand there is no telling what we all would have been turned into that night.  Tyce is now the hamburger at this point in the evening, he looks delicious don't you think?


  1. Love the picture of all of them together.

  2. I love the pics you post of your kids. They could have a billion hilarious captions on each of them, but mostly...your kids just exude cuteness and personality!! Love it!

  3. Your kids are getting so big and are so cute! Where has time gone...wish we were still neighbors! Miracle upon miracle has happened for our family, we are actually having a girl! She is due July 7th and we are so excited! Give me a call sometime...302-2817! We miss you guys!