Thursday, November 29, 2012

Madi's first Day of School!

Well, it happened, Madi had her first day of school.  She was beyond excited, I was beyond terrified.  How did she grow up so fast?  And how is it that I have 4 children??  
 It felt like a big day, we were all a little excited and nervous.  It was a beautiful day.
 Driving her to school I couldn't help but get a little teary eyed.  When I took these pictures my eyes were watering a little (she is obviously having no problems with this transition)
 At this picture my throat started to get tight
 I had tears running down my cheeks when I took this picture and said goodbye in her classroom.

When I got to the car I was sobbing.  I ran into my sister Carly dropping her kids off for the first day and she  reassured me that it got better with each child.  I do not have a picture of myself leaning over the steering wheel of my car sobbing, although my mother -in-law caught me at this point and said she would take of picture so Madi could always remember how much her mother missed her on her first day of school!  I declined the offer, but now I wish I had taken her up on it.  Keep in mind, I did just have a baby, I think that may have played a role in the sob fest.

When I picked her up after school this is the conversation we had
me: madi!!  how was your first day of school?!!

madi: It was the awesomest day of my life!

Yeah, she obviously didn't have the same reaction I did to her first day of school.  Afterwords i took the kids to Ted and Jean Christensen's little kid pools for the afternoon with some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  It would have been un-american not to have chocolate chip cookies on the first day of school.

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  1. I think I will be right there with you when I walk Dallin to school next year. I'm just glad we decided to keep him back (August birthday, I think it's better for him to be the oldest in his class rather than the youngest) so I got to put off the inevitable one more year!!!!